Welcome to the Cancer Journaling Project

My name is Kerry Forrestal. I am a physician practicing in Maryland who has written a patient focused book on how to manage a diagnosis of cancer.

First things first. Thank you for taking an interest in the project. If you've come this far you more or less know what we're trying to accomplish with the project. To briefly restate it:

Our goal here in phase one is to create a practical resource for those newly diagnosed with cancer. Many of the resources available are good, but don't give a guidance for "What happens next?" or "What do I do?". By sharing your experiences, both good and bad, our hope is that we create a guide that people can relate to in their own battle with cancer.

So write as much as you like, at least once a week, hopeful more. Definitely write about those watershed moments and the insights you've gained.

Ask questions, share and most of all fight on!

Dr. F.

What to do from Day One, Hour One
of a Cancer Diagnosis

1.7 million people will be diagnosed with cancer in the United States this year. 1.7 million will get news that they can’t quite believe and have their world changed in the space of a few sentences. If you are reading this, chances are your life has been impacted by a cancer diagnosis.

"For my past cancer patients and their families and friends, both before and after their thoracic surgery, this work would have been a godsend. It is the eye-opening guide to cancer care that every patient needs." - Senator Bill Frist, MD