CDC announcement on Liver Cancer

So the Centers for Disease Control published a study citing that liver cancer deaths have gone up significantly, BUT YOu have to undertsand what they are saying.

The Mortality RATE(% that will die of the disease) remains the same- if you get this particular type of cancer- your chances of a cure are the same, if not a little better than they were years ago.

HOWEVER, the INCIDENCE of liver cancer is increasing due to the obesity epidemic and the Boomer Hepatitis issue(Large incidence of "Baby Boomers" with previously undiagnosed Hep B and C. The Opioid epidemic may also play a part.

So think of it this way-

If the mortality rate is 10%, meaning 1 in 10 people die of cancer X, and 100 people a year get cancer X, ten will die, 90 will live.

Now, lets say the INCIDENCE goes up so that 1000 people get cancer X, but the RATE remains the same

So now 100 people will die of Cancer X and 900 will live.

The media will focus on the increase in the number of people dying without much mention of the fact that the CANCER TREATMENT portion has not changed.

The more you know.

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