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Hello all-

Recruiting continues- We have two nurse navigators onboard at this point with two more we're talking to.

Any feedback on the site is welcome.

We're setting up an email notification system that will allow you to set it so you'll receive an email when a new post is available.

The next two additions will be a button that brings you to new posts and another that brings you straight to a new page to write a new post.

It's been a slow build, but novel ideas are often that way. When we reach critical mass I think the community will be amazing!


What to do from Day One, Hour One
of a Cancer Diagnosis

1.7 million people will be diagnosed with cancer in the United States this year. 1.7 million will get news that they can’t quite believe and have their world changed in the space of a few sentences. If you are reading this, chances are your life has been impacted by a cancer diagnosis.

"For my past cancer patients and their families and friends, both before and after their thoracic surgery, this work would have been a godsend. It is the eye-opening guide to cancer care that every patient needs." - Senator Bill Frist, MD